Wiggly Words

How It Works

Phonemic awareness

Phonological awareness is a critical skill for a child learning to read. A solid understanding of phonemes and sound blends allows a child to decode any word and paves the way to effortless reading and spelling.

Phonemes are the building blocks that make up words and sentences. Mastering phonemes is the most efficient learning method for reading and spelling. By focusing on a single set of phonemes at a time, the child can fully internalize a group of phonemes before moving on to the next group.

500+ Words

This app focuses on phonics based words and helps to learn and practice basic rules of how phonemes and blending sounds work. It comes with 500+ words categorized in following 6 word sets

- Short Vowels (CVC) like cat, dog, etc
- Long Vowels (CVCe) like bake, cake, etc
- Digraphs like ch, sh, etc
- Beginning blends
- Ending blends
- Double Consonants like boss, mill, etc

Progressive Learning

When reading/spelling words, the app allows replacing one letter or word part at a time which helps children to learn a new word building upon their understanding of the previous word thus reinforcing their understanding of phonics.


The app uses animated letters falling and bumping into each other to make new words. These letters that look here and there also fall asleep and snore to make it fun while you are learning to read and spell new words.


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